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Download BIAMI DEV for free here or here. Installation and upgrade documentation.

Marcin February 9, 2015 August 20, 2016
Installation and upgrade

Java required. Installation Linux/*nix/MacOS : Unzip all files and make sure that all files with .sh extension are executable. Go …

Marcin February 9, 2015 August 20, 2016

An optimised, tiny size software, written in java, uses sqlite database so you can run it on anything… from RaspberryPI through …

Marcin February 9, 2015 August 20, 2016

Summary BIAMI is easy to use, secure and scalable enterprise-ready framework to automate your work and build business process driven …

Marcin February 9, 2015 June 20, 2017
FAQ / Support

FAQ What programming language can I use to write new script? Scripts can be written in any programming language that …

Marcin February 9, 2015 August 20, 2016

19th June 2017 new feature: remotebatch to execute any command remotely in batch improvement: batch can execute any command now …

Marcin March 11, 2015 June 20, 2017
BIAMI – Examples

Here are few examples of BIAMI processes that you can use: WordPress Backup – can be used for any php+mysql hosted software …

Marcin March 18, 2015 August 31, 2016
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