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    Cenforce 200 is often referred to as a drug for fixing your ED. ED, or erectile dysfunction, is one of the ailments that is bothering the society a lot. At the initial stage, it was deemed that the ailment occurs due to the age factor of males, but it has also been found that there are several causes of ED and the list usually has people of the age group of 30-40 than that of an older age. In all the cases, Cenforce 200 mg can fix the issue, but the dosage and the regulation of the drug depend on the condition of your health.

    Causes of ED

    There are several causes of ED and all of them are unique too. Here is the list of all the major causes of the ailment that you may have –

    It can be due to the fact that your blood vessels of the penis are blocked with a layer of nicotine or sulfate, which usually comes from alcohol and tobacco. They are blocking a proper flow of blood which in turn is making you deal with erectile dysfunction or ED.

    The blocking can be in because of other reasons too. It can also be due to an excess of glucose or fat deposits in your arteries, or even in your veins. Hence unhealthy food habits, lack of resting or even a sleep disorder can also be responsible for the same.

    As fat and glucose are the main cause of blockage in your blood vessels, your pre-ailments like diabetes or cholesterol or even obesity can be the reason for your ED. It is the heart that pumps the necessary amount of blood to the penis. So if the heart is weak when it needs to pump blood in your penile duct, that is when you can experience an acute form of ED.

    Your brain is the one organ that is responsible for when and where should the blood be flowing and so it commands the heart for this particular function. Hence, if your brain cannot send the message properly to your heart, then you are going to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

    The final reason for having erectile dysfunction is regarding preoccupancy of thoughts in your brain. It can be due to stress, it can be because of workload pressure from elsewhere or even some mental discrepancy like addictions or detachment from sexual pleasure for a longer duration, which can cause erectile dysfunction for you.

    What Is Cenforce 200 mg?

    As you get in detail, you will find that Cenforce 200 mg can resolve erectile dysfunction in all the conditions mentioned above, and that is when your heart and the nervous system are perfect.

    Your erection is the direct result of your sexual urge in your mind, but the process that goes on inside has different levels to it. The sexual urge in you will be mentored by your brain and it sends the required messages regarding the urge of sexual activity throughout the body. When the brain has a clear idea of the same, it will be conveying the signal to the heart to pump more blood to the penile duct. The heart, on receiving the message from the brain, will be doing the same and will be pumping more blood to the penis to give a rigid erection.

    Now in the majority of the cases, the issue arises when the process of the brain sending signals to the heart and the heart starts beating henceforth is improper. If your nervous system is not in order, then they will be unable to carry the message and you will experience erectile dysfunction You may have to think about taking some nerve-related meds for the same, but Cenforce 200mg at a cheap price from ‘’ in the U.S. can support you solve your problem.

    The drug is also good at making the heart pump better and rigorously for the next 4 hours of the drug being in the system. As a direct result of the same, you can have and enjoy the erection for 4 hours constantly, even after you have climaxed several times. In case of erectile dysfunction patients, they often cannot retain the erection and the reason behind it is the blockage in your blood vessels. So, that issue is fixed by cenforce 200mg easily.

    Precautions You Should Take

    There are certain cases when you must avoid the usage of the drug, even if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. When you will be consulting your doctor about this, he will also suggest you the same for some cases–

    Avoid using the drug if the strength of your heart is excessively less and your heart cannot carry the extra pressure the drug will be exerting on it.

    Avoid the use of the drug if you have faced a cardiac arrest in the last few months, it is understood that your heart health is poor to carry the load of Cenforce 200.

    When you are using a pacemaker on your heart, avoid the usage of cenforce 200mg. Consult your doctor for the same.
    Avoid Cenforce 200 mg, if you have faced a cerebrum attack in the last few months. The drug exerts a lot of pressure on the nerves and the brain. So if you are having such issues, you must stay away from the drug by all means.

    Regular usage of the drug is going to damage your nervous system which can even trigger migraine attacks. In some instances, you can even face issues with your vision. You will find that things are hazy and if you are experiencing that, stop consuming the drug immediately.

    Which Is Better? Viagra Or Cenforce 200?

    Cenforce and Viagra are both phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) used for the treatment of ED, short for erectile dysfunction or rather commonly known as impotency.

    The side effects of both Viagra and Cenforce 150 are similar which include flushing, nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, muscle pain, back pain etc. But the one big difference is about how long they stay in your system which directly results in how long it will help you maintain an erection.

    Viagra stays in your system for four to six hours whereas Cenforce provides a prolonged erection which can last upto 36 hours. Another big difference is that cenforce is way cheaper than Viagra and is easily available from online pharmacies.

    Where Can You Purchase Cenforce 200 mg?

    Cenforce 200 mg is easily available online, but for the best price you should check out ‘’. Every product that you buy, will be safely and discreetly delivered to your doorstep. With a guaranteed hassle less process, you will be able to purchase cenforce and finally be good in bed.

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