An optimised, tiny size software, written in java, uses sqlite database so you can run it on anything… from RaspberryPI through Desktops and Servers to any Cloud.

The purpose is very simple, to create templates for repeatable processes with ability to add parameters (=metadata) that can be changed each time you execute the process.

Every process can have many stages and multiple tasks per stage. Processes can be described in different ways, for example: the same process can be described in a high level for business users and in detailed technical way for developers. Use filers to display only description that fits your profile.

Every process can be forked and extended. As an example, you can create a process that can be improved later by BIAMI Community or your internal teams.

You can request to execute process with different parameters each time. Think of repeatable process like creating and sending pdf reports based on a common template to each of your customers. Another example is to enable your new customer. Each of those require to have simple process to be executed with different parameters.

And more… because any task can be automated or manual, you can create 100% automated processes for any purpose (even very complicated like pre-configuration of ERP system) or human operated processes (a.k.a project management supporting agile development where you re-define next scrum each time you run it to make sure that you benefit from your own experience).

Think of templates created by other people that you can use, improve and share with others… the power of crowd-sourcing for everyone.

Introduction to BIAMI video from London Meetup available at https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/7373-excel-in-it-bridging-the-gap-between-your-business-needs-and-it-delivery