BIAMI is easy to use, secure and scalable enterprise-ready framework to automate your work and build business process driven software, platforms and robots.

It is very lightweight software in java that can be run on any platform including desktop, server, NAS, raspberry Pi, phones and wearables.


Core is the main engine that processes requests. It executes scripts with defined parameters in defined stages. There are few options available:


Default setting, processes all new requests with requested parameters or displays available options if there’s nothing to process.


Adds new request for defined task (process) with option to request specific stage of the task list only (for testing purposes) and update defined parameters values.

Remote request

Adds new request for defined task (process) from remote task repository.


Update existing and download additional missing execution tasks (scripts).


Executes specific individual task.

Mark task as done.

Does exactly what it’s called. It can be used to debug broken processes or mark human tasks as done.


Process the same tasks multiple times with different parameters locally or remotely.

Import new task

Imports a new process from import.tsv file based in temp directory.

Remove task

Removes tasks from task list.


Display help information for specific task (process).

Debug mode

Run task execution in debug mode.


Displays version of your BIAMI installation.

Blocking some of core features

Some core features can be blocked by placing specific files in /core folder. Currently supported: noprocess, noimport, noremove, noupdate, noforce, nosoap, nogettasklist, nodone, noremote.


You can have local repository of your task lists as well as remote repositories. Remote repositories can be publicly available to anyone or password protected.

Enteprise Edition 

Enteprise Edition is a paid version of BIAMI. It includes all functionality of Community Edition but can be deployed as a web service on top of Apache Tomcat web server and with load balancer offers unlimited scalability to process large amounts of requests. It can display data (results of your task as well as task list) in SOAP web service format that can be wrapped to create APIs and web widgets for your IT systems. Project management is possible with running human tasks as a web service too.

Find out more at http://www.biami.io


  • download_file
  • ftp_download
  • ftp_upload
  • human_task
  • ssh_command
  • soap
  • wait
  • http_request
  • http_request_auth
  • mysql_export
  • tweet
  • mysql_query
  • unique_rows
  • salesforce_export
  • data_lookup
  • send_email