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What programming language can I use to write new script?
Scripts can be written in any programming language that can be executed on the platform that we will run it on.

Where can I ask my question?
Use BIAMI Forum to any questions.

How can I write my own script?
The easiest way to learn how to write your own script is to copy one of existing scripts and modify it.

How to I write my own process?
It’s not difficult, all steps are stored in TASKS Table. Each line includes parent id = top task id in the process, script id from SCRIPT table and stage of the process.
You can also clone existing process and modify it by adding, removing or modifying scripts.
Every script will be executed with parameters from CONTEXT table.

You can also copy one of existing spreadsheets with processes, modify it, save as .tsv file and import. Examples: http://bit.ly/1K16TdT (empty process) and http://bit.ly/18a0VWt (example of in-cubator.org installation script).

I did something wrong, how to start again?
Remove db/pro_cess.db file and update BIAMI DEV (–context_param cmd=update).

Where can I get support?
You can ask support questions on our forum by ticking “Support” box.
You can purchase commercial support at http://www.biami.io