19th June 2017

  • new feature: remotebatch to execute any command remotely in batch
  • improvement: batch can execute any command now
  • improvement: more detailed information in logs
  • fixed: request for task={} doesn’t work

6th April 2017

  • new feature: use task name as an alternative to task id to request the most recent version of the task

  • new feature: add –context_param taskid={} when import to read script url from technical name

  • new feature: prefix parameter, add –context_param prefix=[prefix] to add prefix before all task execution lines
  • new feature: suffix parameter, add –context_param suffix=[suffux] to add suffix at the end of task execution lines
  • new feature: add cmd=clean to clean database and logs with completed tasks
  • improvement: debug mode in batch process
  • improvement: batch removes existing batch file if exist
  • improvement: execute cmd=update to update all plugins after import
  • improvement: noimport file to disable import options
  • fixed: batch process doesn’t execute properly when there is a space in the parameter
  • many improvements to better support Windows

7th December 2016

  • important change: dynamic parameters need to be within ||| , for example: run_command=ls -l *.|||ext|||
  • improvement: cmd=update updates script repository
  • cmd=import Hint: use cmd=cleanimport to remove import.tsv file after imported
  • cmd=import Hint: use script={url} to import script from the web so you can import files directly from Google Spreadsheet, GitHub, etc.

17th August 2016

  • new feature: WINDOWS support (beta)
  • new feature: dynamic parameters for all plugins
  • new feature: remote task repositories with public or restricted access
  • new feature: display task list as SOAP webservice
  • new feature: help files for tasks
  • new feature: remove task from repository
  • new feature: block individual or multiple commands (process, import, remove, update, force, soap, gettasklist, done and remote)
  • new feature: hardcode values for individual or multiple dynamic parameters within your task
  • improvement: import dynamic parameters together with tasks from TSV task file
  • improvement: even easier way to create custom plugins
  • improvement: run_command and do_nothing doesn’t require external plugin anymore
  • improvement: database directory is called db now
  • new plugin: wait to sleep for set or random number of seconds
  • new plugins: http_request and http_request_auth to call tasks from remote repositories
  • fixed: you can use space char in paramaters
  • fixed: timestamp change after new value updates for parameters
  • minor fixes in plugins

15th January 2016

  • new feature: hidden parameters for advanced users
  • improved debug mode
  • improved performance tuning
  • BIAMI branding

13th September 2015

  • new feature: display data in SOAP web service format from temp/(requestid)_soap.tsv file
  • new feature: display request id in web service request
  • new feature: debug mode added to a web service
  • new script: soap plugin
  • fixed: run_command plugin to be able to finish task when deployed as a web service
  • even more performance improvements

12th May 2015

  • new feature: enterprise code to use VSOSS as a web service with Apache Tomcat (other java web servers and ESB are on roadmap)
  • fixed: init

19th April 2015

  • new feature: initial database and plugins are downloaded from internet during first run
  • new feature: update to update existing and download additional required plugins
  • new feature: requestprocess to request and process at the same time
  • new feature: batch process
  • new script: human task plugin to include human tasks in the task list/process
  • new script: ssh command plugin to execute tasks on remote computers/servers
  • fixed: tasks are marked as done after execution and not at the beginning of the stage

17th March 2015

  • fixed: import from tsv file with parameter that has many equals signs.

10th March 2015:

  • new feature: request with additional parameters will change default context parameter value
  • fixed: changed init db file from pro_cess_new.db to pro_cess_init.db
  • fixed: import doesn’t import whole parameter with more than one equality sign

28th February 2015:

  • fixed: import changed from .csv to .tsv file to handle double quotes properly
  • fixed: ftp_upload now uploads subdirectories too

22nd February 2015:

  • few feature: run_command can have parameters passed from context
  • fixed: run_command can handle white spaces now, see post
  • fixed: request id is now passed together with task id to every task
  • fixed: “mark as done” to create file with request id and task id
  • fixed: no need to add all parameters after task execution again

19th February 2015:

  • new feature: import new task list (process) from csv file
  • new feature: debug mode
  • new: Process Template on google docs
  • extended: display all available features when running from shell when there’s no requests to be processed

15th February 2015:

  • dir global parameter added
  • dir is passed with every script execution
  • do_nothing script changed to use dir parameter
  • download_file script changed to use dir parameter
  • new script: run_command to execute any command
  • new script: ftp_download to download files using FTP
  • new script: ftp_upload to upload files using FTP