About Open Innovation Platform

Open Innovation Platform to improve your products and services and turn all the great ideas into reality.
Support your ideas at different stages, from the very beginning to share and build community around it, through getting it off the ground and establishing business, to grow it and offer commercial products and services online.

Open Innovation = Portfolio Ecosystem Success

in-cubator.org Open Innovation Platform features include:

  • Open, Private, Closed or Hidden Groups
  • Group Ideas, Calendar, Events, Wiki, Documents and Messages
  • Discussion Forums
  • Sites with Dedicated Web Address
  • Flexible Content Management
  • Expert Exchange
  • Freelance Platform
  • Project Management
  • Crowdfunding
  • E-commerce
  • E-learning
  • E-Marketing Tools
  • Reporting and Web Analytics

Need more features?
Ask your questions on forums, suggest improvements in the ideas group or contact us.


How to start?
Create an account, join existing groups or create your own one.
Enable group features like docs (wiki, links and attachments), calendar, forum, ideas etc.
Invite your contacts to join your groups.
Grow your community, get their regular feedback to improve your products and services.
Create your own sites and unlock advanced features like e-commerce, e-learning, crowdfunding, project management, freelance platform and more…

Need an assistance to make your open innovation project successful?
Upgrade and we will provide you with Managed Open Innovation Platform together with Open Innovation Community Manager who will take responsibility to create and manage an active community for you.

Need a dedicated platform?
Get Started today and upgrade to get your white-labelled Dedicated Open Innovation Platform running in the cloud. Contact us for a dedicated infrastructure hosted or in-house installation of your own Open Innovation Platform.

Need even more?
Contact us and get our advice on the best practices to execute on Open Innovation, we publish Open Innovation E-Magazine to share success stories and provide platforms and tools to deliver on Open Innovation with our eXcellence Framework in a cost effective way using Open Source tools.

Want to partner with us?
Want to be part of Open Innovation Platform and add value? We’re Open and always happy to hear from people who can provide their expertise, help us grow and make Open Innovation Platform project even more successful. Contact us and let us know what we could do together.


in-cubator.org Open Innovation Platform is 100% based on open source software with focus on delivering collaboration and a great user experience.

Like DIY? Try Open Source Installation.
DIY using BIAMI script at http://bitly.com/18a0VWu .

Source code available: download WordPress + additional Plugins and Themes.

We contribute all code changes to open source project but open source DIY doesn’t include user experience configurations, videoconferencing and webinar platform.